Dyersville to Receive ‘River Town of the Year’ Honor”


Dyersville to Receive ‘River Town of the Year’ Honor” Next Week

As announced earlier this year, the city of Dyersville will be receiving its award next week for being named ‘2023 River Town of the Year’ by the non-profit group Iowa Rivers Revival.

The annual award recognizes an Iowa community for outstanding efforts  to reclaim riverfronts as anchors for economic development, recreation, and good environmental stewardship. Dyersville is being recognized for the city’s work on a number of projects that make up their “One Water” Watershed Vision Plan.

The award will be presented at 12 noon on Wednesday, May 31st during a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Pedestrian Bridge. The ceremony will be followed by an organizational fair from 1 until 4, and then a reception event from 4 to 7.

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