LST Tour


The USS LST 325 is back, docked right by the River Museum, and open for daily tours through Tuesday, 9/12.  Tours  run from 9a-5p each day.  

They are self-guided, but you’ll find many members of the crew along your journey who love to talk, and answer any questions you might have about this amazing ship!

Admission for adults is just $15, and 6-17 is $7.50.  They are only available at the gate, and accept cash, check, or credit card.


Your walk through the ship will take you from end to end, top to bottom!  Wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll also be climbing some steep ladders to get around. 


All of the money raised is used to keep this war ship operational.  The crew are all volunteers!  Make sure to ask them questions as you tour the ship this week and weekend!  There are so many stories to share about this piece of American history!

Big thanks to Captain Bob for the tour.  

Click here for Travel Dubuque’s web page with everything you need to know before you head down.

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