July 3rd 38th

July 3rd

ICAS is the International Council of Air Shows.  Their annual convention was held in Las Vegas in early December, and a few of us from Radio Dubuque attended to represent our annual July 3rd Airshow and Fireworks Spectacular!  


Don’t adjust your screen…that’s Iceman!  Guy travels the world, along with Maverick as a team of celebrity impersonators.  Amazing.  Below is a pic from last year


However,  we attend this convention to scout out real pilots!  Before that though, we had to say hi to our great friends in the US Army Golden Knights parachute team! 

The team members told us give their best to Dubuque, and all the small towns they have jumped in over the years! 

Keep up on the Knights by following their Facebook page, it’s very active!


The last time we saw Chip, he was flying high over the river in  his T-28!  Would you like to see him bring the Trojan Phlyers back for another show?

Click Here to check out the official website for Chuck and Robert’s show. 


You can’t work the Airshow floor without a stop to see the Blue Angels.  This crew commands everyone’s attention and respect.  Pretty amazing to see them live, if you ever get the chance!


Bill Walsh has been the voice of our July 3rd Airshow for several years now.  It was great to catch up with our friend this week.  The good looking guy in the Toga (it was a party theme) works with the A-10 Demonstration team.  He told us that Dubuque has quite the reputation, and the A-10 pilots absolutely love buzzing the Mississippi River!


Vegas is a pretty wild and huge city!  We were able to venture out and see some of the sights, have some tasty meals, and enjoy nice weather.  Thanks to the ICAS team for providing such a great experience!


Had a few exciting announcements too.  We can officially announce that the A-10 will return next summer!  Along with the US Army Golden Knights!


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