At 72 years old, the Spaceman isn’t slowing down!  Ace Frehley delivers a brand new song, along with a video. Check out 10,000 Volts!

The first Flying Car is about to hit the market.  Cost will be around $175,000.  You’ll need a pilot license, and can only land and take off at airports (yeah, right).  But, it can fly, and is street legal. Here we go!

And it’s another World Record set!  The Uratex mattress company in the Phillippines just beat the record, by toppling 2,355 humans/mattresses!  The video to the right is from 7 years ago.  Who knew this was a thing?

The National Toy Hall of Fame has announced the 4 favorite toys of yours that are making it in the class of 2023.  Visit the Hall of Fame’s website to check it out.  



Nov 9th is National Scrapple Day.  Gotta be honest.  I just learned today what scrapple is.  Now I want some.

Reddit asked, ‘What foods don’t taste the same as they used to?” Some of the responses:

 “Fruit Roll-Ups had actual strawberry seeds in them because they were made out of actual fruit! Infinitely superior to the gooey sugar rolls carrying the name now.”

Spaghetti-Os 100% taste different than they did as a child.”

Kit Kat tastes like it only contains palm oil, carnuba wax and sugar for the last four years.”

“I remember Atomic Fireball Candy used to be really hot! Was I just a wimp as a kid?”

Trefoils Girl Scout cookies. They used to taste really shortbread-like. Now they taste like bad sugar cookies.”

“I got some Little Debbie donut sticks as a quick breakfast the other day, I remember loving them as a kid. They tasted chemical-ly and left an oily residue with a bad aftertaste.”

“Most any chocolate bar these days. Now you can tell they cheaped out on the ingredients.”

Tomatoes have definitely become more bland.”

Red delicious apples.”

Oreos just don’t taste the same as they did when I was a kid.”

Graham Crackers, Chips Ahoy, & Chocolate Teddy Grams — staples of my childhood and they all taste like cardboard now.”

Soft drinks aren’t as fizzy as they were 30 years ago. I remember having to wait a minute after opening a can of Coke and pouring into a glass before I could drink it. Now

I say Twinkies.  Twinkies have changed more than anything I remember.  As a kid, they were delicious.  The cake was real, and fluffy.  The creamy filling tasted like dairy.  They were glorious.  And back then, they would actually go bad!  Unlike now, where these fake treats will last for years on the shelf.  Haven’t had one since 2004, and will never again. 

On a positive note, my Mom makes a killer Twinkie Cake!


Many of us will live and die, without ever solving a rubix cube. 

This dude recently broke a 4-year old record, solving the cube in just over 3 seconds. 

If I didn’t see it, I might not believe it.  Kid is a rockstar

Peanut Butter Month — Here are some peanut butter facts:

  • It takes about 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter.
  • There are enough peanuts in one acre to make 30,000 peanut butter sandwiches.
  • By law, any product labeled “peanut butter” in the United States must be at least 90 percent peanuts.
  • The world’s largest peanut butter factory churns out 250,000 jars of the tasty treat every day.
  • Four of the top 10 candy bars manufactured in the USA contain peanuts or peanut butter.
  • Americans spend almost $800 million a year on peanut butter.
  • The average peanut farm is 100 acres.
  • Peanuts are the #1 snack nut consumed in the U.S., accounting for two-thirds of the snack nut market.

As a kid, I loved grabbing the Guinness Book of World Records from the school library back at Kennedy Grade School.  Thinking back, this was around 1980, and the book looked very beat up.  So it was probably a version from sometime in the mid-70s.  

Read about a recent category that Guinness added, back in 2015.  It was all about stacking melons!  Well, 7 years later, the record has finally been recognized.  Check this Iranian dude out!

If you dig bourbon barrel aged stouts, or any aged beer, you might want to check out the latest release from Sam Adams.  The Utopias series has been out for a few years now, each year a bit different. 

This year, the beer comes in at 28% abv.  Must find one.  Gotta love the bottle!  They release this beer every year, and have in the past aged the beer in several different barrel types, including bourbon, port, and carcavelos.  For this years beer, they aged some in scotch and peated whisk barrels! 

Click Here to visit the official page


Reddit put out a list of Man Rules.  I’ll give my take on each

No matter your age, a stick is a cool sword – I hike with my dog, and if a stick is found, it is definitely a sword
Always click the tongs before use – I don’t always click before, but during the entire grilling process, the tongs will be clicked
Always bring all the grocery bags from the car in one trip – Hell yes…always
If you ever tie anything down to a trailer, you must then slap it and say ‘that’ll hold – Not me, but I know these dudes
Every sneeze maximum volume – Every time.  Hold a sneeze in, and you risk serious injury
Swear when you sneeze violently – Usually a long F-bomb
Always offer to help move heavy furniture, even if you secretly hope they say no – No thoughts

Any Man-Rules you want to add?  Message me: 

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